WordPress Cache Implementation

DowntownDossier Featured Image Caption: South African WordPress art, thanks to https://matt.blog/2013/03/26/awesome-south-african-wordpress-art-from-tyronerubin/

There are two major cache plugins. According to Sourav, WPExplorer Author: “Should you go for WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache? Well, to make a long story short – if you’re on a shared server and don’t want the hassle of A/B testing and/or troubleshooting, WP Super Cache is much easier to implement. However, if you’re using a virtual or dedicated server with Opcode caching (like APC or XCache) installed – and wouldn’t mind some extra work, then W3 Total Cache is for you. When configured properly with advanced methods, W3TC’s results are far superior.”


I like WP Super Cache for my shared server good performance but low cost websites.