Property for Sale Jackson Estate (Standard Grocery) at 71st & Meridian Street


The old Jackson Estate(Standard Grocery) at 71st & Meridian St is finally up for sale. It’s basically just trees and old fencing now, but a cool piece of property. $1.995 million 4.3 acres.

HI Mailbag: North Meridian Street and Meridian Hills Boulevard

This is where L.A. Jackson who started and owned Standard Grocery lived and where his family lived after his death. Chester one of his sons who later married Marjorie lived on this property long before he married Marjorie and they built another house on Springmill Road in the 50’s.

There was a fire was around ’62 or ’63 so not much could be seen from the street after that.

The later Marjorie Jackson house:

The property for sale is still owned by a descendant of L. A. Jackson the original owner and founder of Standard Grocery.

This link can be used to find historic aerial photos of Indianapolis properties including the property for sale: